All Souls Are Equal

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 20


Major Prediction No. 18: Sometime in the first half of the 21st Century, an international attitude will develop among huge populations throughout the world that: Every human being has a soul and that soul is of equal worth to all other souls on this planet. This philosophy will promote peace and charity throughout the world.



Today, unfortunately, this world is terribly divided. We are divided by nationalism, by racism, by religion, by political ideology, by sexism and by economic disparity. And these differences have led to war, terrorism, murder and violence. Certainly we cannot reach a higher level of civilization if this hatred continues. But not to worry: as society advances, many people will come to realize we are all human beings – none better or worse than any other human being.

                     ALL SOULS = ALL SOULS

The Declaration of Independence has it wrong. Sacrilegious words, no doubt. But one of the key phrases in the Preamble is: "All Men Are Created Equal." These words were written at a time when inequality thrived. In 1776, while the United States proudly embraced freedom and democracy, many citizens of this country held slaves (including some of our founding fathers!), Native Americans were often shot on sight, and women had few rights including the right to vote. Equality did not exist in 1776.

Instead of writing that "All Men Are Created Equal", our forefathers should have written that "All Men and All Women" or "All Souls" or "All People" are created equal. And then back that sentiment up with a law that banned slavery, promoted education for women and sent peace feelers to Native Americans.

In the 2020s and beyond, people will come to realize that it is the soul that people should place on a golden pedestal and not the body. Certainly society should respect the body and the physical beauty of every race and culture but we must realize that the body merely carries the soul.

In time, movements will grow throughout the world where vast majorities of people will accept that in the eyes of our Creator, everyone is of equal worth. Each man, each woman -- be they African, Asian, or European; be they Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem, Catholic or Protestant; be they tall or short, young or elderly -- THAT SOUL is valued by God as much as any other soul. This is the philosophy that will rock this world in the 21st Century. And once a significant percentage of people have accepted equality, we will have taken a gigantic step towards creating a world that works diligently to feed, educate and protect all souls.

Everyone has a soul. A baby born in North Korea has a soul of equal worth to a soul of a baby born in Beverly Hills. In time, many in our world will proudly accept that the soul is infinitely more valuable than the body.



Today, Shiites kill Sunnis in Allah’s name and vice versa. But Shiites and Sunnis each have souls of equal worth to Allah. Clearly if all Muslims accepted the idea that Allah created all humans and gave all humans souls, wouldn’t killing in Allah's name be considered blasphemy?

Today, tribal hatred in the Congo continues to lead to unchecked violence. Since World War II, no other country has suffered so many lost lives – about 5 million. But an African child has a soul.  In Burma today….in North Korea today…in The Sudan today…you get the picture.

We talk about human rights, freedom and democracy but we need a central philosophy that covers all people and all ideologies. It is All Souls that will be adopted by educated young people in the 2020s and beyond. Human rights, freedom and democracy are clearly important ideas, but a young boy living in Afghanistan who puts theocracy first isn’t going to understand the importance of democracy. But he can relate to the idea that everyone has a soul.

“Your soul is looking particularly chipper today.” “As is yours.” People will place more value on the soul than the body in the 2020s and beyond. This ideology will propel The Second Renaissance.


Hakim, a young Iraqi man in his 20s, heard the elderly man ranting again as he walked to the local market to buy milk for his younger sister. The elderly man had an avid listener. The young Jamil was impressed by what the older man had to say. After all, all Sunnis are infidels!       

Hakim stopped walking and listened to what the elderly man had to say. “And when you die, you will be blessed by Allah in the Kingdom of Heaven with 21 virgins.” Jamil smiled.

After a deep sigh, Hakim took several quick steps towards the elderly man. “What are you telling him!” The elderly man looked up at Hakim and smiled. He was missing several teeth as he leaned back against a stone wall. “Jamil will become a martyr,” he responded.

Hakim turned to Jamil and pointed. “Go home now and never talk to this fool again or I will tell your father!” Jamil raised both eyebrows as he turned and ran off.

With a sizable frown, Hakim faced the elderly man. “The Sunnis you want to kill were created by Allah, not the devil! And they all have souls!” Hakim shouted as he was greeted by a scowl before the man said, “It is our duty to kill all infidels!”

“No! It is our duty to lead a pure Muslim lifestyle and preach the word of Allah. We must peacefully convince others to become Shiites. To kill innocents in Allah’s name is blasphemy.” Hakim was extremely angry. It was fools like this elderly man who have sacrificed too many innocent lives and kept Iraq in turmoil since before Hakim was born.

The elderly man grunted as he stood up. Hakim watched him saunter off as he thought about what he would tell the village elders that evening. Several local leaders would have to have talks with this fool. After all, it was 2031 and suicide bombings led to further violence. Fortunately, the philosophy of All Souls Are Created Equal helped to greatly mitigate this violence.




As promising as the concepts of human rights, freedom and democracy seem to be, they are not universal. One only has to look at China to verify this statement.

But the concept of All Souls will transcend borders as wave after wave of internet advancements come into play. Clubs, organizations, student groups, churches and energetic individuals will promote this idea in the 2020s and beyond. The world will still be comprised of nations, religions, ethnic groups and various cultures but they will interact peaceably - joined by the concept that we all have souls. We will come to respect each other as human beings and respect our differences as admirable, human characteristics.

You’ve got to oppose your dictator. He’s killing the people in your country! These people have souls and deserve dignity…” Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani


While the United States is the richest country in the world, we still oppress citizens based on the color of their skin.

Witness the plight of African Americans in this country. Despite that all humans have souls of equal worth to our Creator, many African Americans suffer from inadequate education, higher unemployment rates and longer prison sentences.

Many minority students who attend sub-par urban schools start out at life at a distinct disadvantage. Isn’t this child abuse? Consequently, many don’t get through high school and many do not attend college. It's easy to understand why many minorities do not secure meaningful employment. Some turn to drugs in desperation with a large percentage winding up in jail. Just look at the high population of African American men in our prison system. Is this the new slavery? Understanding the consequences of this racism can be taught in Sociology 101.

As our society progresses, we must ensure that minorities truly have equal education. If we all start out life on an equal basis, it will be easier for minorities to attain equality. Any solution will not come easy. As a first step, community efforts that emphasis family endeavors to promote education are needed. Our society may need to fund inner-city preschools so when students enter first grade, they won’t start out so far behind. More funding so better teachers can be hired in the inner city schools is also essential. The current strategy of hoping these schools will improve on their own is very risky.