Christian Reformation

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What If We Plan Our Future? 
 Chapter 21


Throughout history, we have witnessed periods of religious renaissance followed by eras of decadence. Today we live in a world without direction, without leadership and with very few morals. Fortunately, within the next 20 years, we will witness a Christian Reformation that will exceed the one this world experienced during the Renaissance Period.

Major Prediction No. 19: Strong religious movements this century will call for people to observe the fundamental beliefs of their religions. This will lead to centuries of peace.

Certainly this world needs a lot more help than it is currently getting. And an assessment of today’s situation isn’t very encouraging. Unfortunately, 21,000+ people, many of them children, starve to death EVERY day. War claimed over 100 million souls in the 20th Century. 40 million tiny human beings are aborted throughout the world every year. Billions suffer under the brutal regimes of military dictatorships, inept governments, or communist regimes. And a vast majority of the world lives in poverty-stricken nations where residents live without hope for a better future. Is this the world we should accept?

Consequently, a renewed religious renaissance of all major religions will spur movements to help mitigate these problems.


Prediction No. 83: Fortunately, within the next 20 years, we will witness a Christian Reformation that will exceed the one this world experienced as Leonardo was painting Mona.


Today, many Christians do not follow the true tenants of their religion. Christ wore a simple white gown and rode a donkey. He led a very simple and austere lifestyle that preached love for all people. Today too many Christians in this country live in expensive homes, drive luxury cars, donate a very small percentage of their wealth and spend virtually no time or effort helping the poor. But, by 2035, we will witness a spirit in this country where a great many Christians will strive to duplicate Christ’s example.

These Christians will live very austere lifestyles and spend significant effort and time to making this planet a better place to live.

The Protestant Work Ethic made this country strong – it saved the United States! But some have taken this to mean that the acquisition of wealth is the morally correct thing to do. This is clearly not the message of Christ. It is not okay to own a multi-million dollar home in a starving world no matter how hard an individual works. And the Christian Reformation will emphasize this. We will witness a future within 25 years where a revival in Christianity frowns upon the acquisition of extreme wealth.

Eventually, this reformation will mean that Christians will take a step further than just attending church on Sundays. Good Christians of that era will volunteer to work in soup kitchens, volunteer to counsel drug abusers and hold fund raisers to feed the poor in the Third World. Good Christians will forego their Rolex watches, luxury cars and golf club memberships and follow Christ’s example.

A wonderful example to follow is Mother Teresa, who is the ultimate definition of true Christianity. Her Missionaries of Charity have over 500 centers in over 100 countries and have helped millions of souls suffering from hunger, homelessness and illness. While most of us cannot donate the time Mother Teresa did because of family, job or school, most of us do little to improve the human condition in our spare time. This will change as our civilization evolves in the 21st Century.


Prediction No. 84: As the Christian Reformation takes off, good Christians will accept that Christ is in all of us. They will come to believe that Christ is not just white. He is black, Asian, Native American, and, well, every color in the human rainbow.

Soon paintings of Christ won't be just an Anglo-Saxon male. Christ, Mary, Joseph, the Apostles, Moses and all religious figures will be artfully depicted as different races: i.e. The African Christ, the Filipina Mary (as she is sometimes currently depicted), or the Korean Moses. This movement won't be without controversy but if the soul is infinitely more important than the body, people of the future will come to accept this idea.


As the Christian Reformation takes off, it will spur the Catholic Church to reform as well. Today, the Church faces monstrous problems. The Church seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time, energy and money paying off victims of sexual assault by its clergy. The Church’s anti-birth control stand is ignored by many of its followers and seems to be a cruel stand in an overpopulated and starving world. And the whole world knows that the Vatican is often extravagant with the Pope’s jewels and the Pope’s Summer Palace – all this in spite of the example of austerity set by Christ.


Fortunately, all this will change this century.  The very first thing the Catholic Church should do is to grant a special dispensation for the pill for married couples. This would limit the number of children born in already overpopulated Catholic countries such as the Philippines, Mexico and Brazil.  Overpopulation is the most serious problem the world faces today and the Catholic Church is a hindrance, and not the leader it should be.

And look for the Church to become more austere by 2030. Today we see elaborate, multi-million dollar churches with expensive stain-glass windows. We also see a Pope that travels first class and has a summer palace. Finally realizing that Christ wore a plain, white sheet and rode a donkey, the Church will follow His example and give much of its wealth to the world’s poor.

Consequently, many Catholic churches will be bare, warehouse-type buildings without stained-glass windows and decorated with hand-made murals depicting Christ’s life and words. And by 2030, the Pope will wear only a simple white gown and drop that hat. Bishops, priests and nuns will also wear simple gowns.

This vow of poverty will inspire other churches and people to do the same. Couple this giving with robot farmers and skyscraper farms and we can close Starvation Gap by 2040 and make the 21,000+ who die of starvation or malnutrition every day a statistical relic.


What about the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus and everyone else? Young people in these religions will witness the revival of Christianity and be inspired to work harder to make their religions stronger. A friendly rivalry will grow and young people of all faiths will meet frequently to discuss their beliefs, talk of the infinite value of the soul and embrace the idea that working together for a better world does not include conversion by the sword. We will become a more civilized society.


Analysis: We can see today’s conflicts between the West and the Muslim world, the hate between the Shiites and the Sunnis, the problems surrounding Israel, and the bombings in India. How can it be that all this will magically end and people will suddenly hold hands and hug each other? It won’t suddenly happen. 20 to 30 years from now, young people, more educated than any previous generation, will embrace peace, the concept that All Souls Are Created Equal and work together for a better world.


And as far as the nonbelievers: Atheists, some intellectuals and numerous pessimists have called religion the opiate of the masses. And clearly religion has been a major impetus for war, violence and terrorism. But a world without God and religion will resemble a world under Hitler or Stalin. Pretty bleak. Fortunately most people will seek the true meaning of their religion in the 21st Century.

By 2030, the annual All Souls Are Created Equal Day will allow people of all faiths to march together in many cities throughout the world.