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What If We Plan Our Future?


We’re a Social Media Think Tank!

Please tell us your idea for a better future.

(650) 814-4643 or (650) 319-8978

My name is: Tim Donohue

I can be reached by calling:

(650) 814-4643 or
(650) 319-8978


By mail at:

Tim Donohue

541 E. Taylor Ave., Apt. 6

Sunnyvale, CA 94085


By email at:

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Tim Donohue is the Executive Director of Key4hope – a think tank that believes that if we plan for a positive future and work hard to achieve that future, many lives will be saved.

Executive Director of Key4hope Tim Donohue

Artist Alessandra Andrisani drew much of the artwork for this site. Key4hope is extremely grateful for her work.