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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 12

No single factor will have more impact on this planet in the 21st Century than Overpopulation. Approximately 10 million people die agonizing deaths due to malnutrition and starvation EVERY YEAR! Unfortunately a vast majority of these innocents are children. But something can be done:


Major Prediction No. 10: The Population Bomb will be permanently defused in a very ingenious way late this century. Cryonics will freeze millions of impoverished volunteers by 2080 and billions by 2150.  Hundreds to thousands of years away, these volunteers will awake in a far-more-civilized world capable of caring for them.

Today, the science of cryonics involves the freezing of deceased individuals with the hope of bringing them back to life in the distant future when a cure for their "ailment" is discovered. But a unique benefit of this science will come in the next several decades when a living person is frozen and later revived without memory loss, physical impairment, or change in that person’s personality. The big question is: Can a living person be safely frozen and later revived? Yes. Within 100 years, new technology will have the ability to safely preserve the human body indefinitely. Perhaps by 2116, computers 100s of times more powerful than today's models will aid the freezing process by identifying each cell and, coupled with advanced technology, individually freeze each cell without damage. Technology of the 22nd Century will, hopefully, have the ability to perform a “soft freeze” on living organisms as a “hard, ice-cube freeze” will damage internal organs.


Earth will be populated with roughly 9.6 billion souls by mid-Century, according to a United Nations' report: "World Population Prospects; the 2012 Revision". Unfortunately, despite the advancements predicted in this book, a great majority of these billions will live in poverty. Unfortunately, abject poverty is the worst form of torture. Such long-term pain and hopelessness will drive many to see cryonics as their only salvation. So popular will this alternative be, that by 2150, BILLIONS of volunteers will freeze in hundreds of football-stadium-size cryonic chambers. 

Thanks to large stadium-size cryonic facilities, overpopulation problems in countries such as China, the Philippines and Brazil will be solved some 70 to 100+ years from now.

The freezing of billions of souls escaping poverty WILL BE the greatest "event" in this millennium. Desperately overpopulated nations such as Nigeria, India and Mexico will embrace cryonics with whole extended families opting to freeze together to make the voyage into the future together. And as each decade passes and cryonics becomes more and more refined and accepted, it is likely that as many as 50 percent of people in many of the poorest nations will opt to freeze by the mid-22nd Century. This will leave plenty of food, resources and space for those who decide not to freeze.

We must keep in mind that The Phoenix Condition (the severe increase in longevity) will swell population densities – even in the Third World.

Consequently, the “Misery Index” of the 2060s and beyond will inspire many volunteers. 


Cryonics will not be accepted until volunteers have been frozen and revived several times without suffering any memory loss or side effects. Simply: will the person be the "same" person when they awake? Or will they lose a portion of their memory? If an individual loses part of their memory or personality when they awake, obviously they’re not the same person -- thus making this procedure wholly unacceptable.

But the memory/personality question will be solved. Computers will become far more powerful than today’s models. When the Mega-Computer Age arrives, computers will aid the freezing process by identifying EACH brain cell and, coupled with advanced technology, individually freeze EACH brain cell without damage. 

One technical note: This procedure will involve a cryoprotectant which is a blood substitute to prevent ice crystals from forming during the freezing process. The technology for inserting this chemical compound into an anesthetized person and later replacing the cryoprotectant with cloned blood upon awakening will be available before the end of this century.

Frequent freezing and thawing of numerous adventurers – showing no side effects - will convince an overpopulated world that freezing is safe. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani.


Other controversies may arise with this plan, including the forced freezing of the poor or certain racial, religious, or political groups. Society will have to be vigilant that only volunteers are frozen. We cannot forget what the Nazis did to the Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals and mentally handicapped. Freezing must be completely voluntary.




Prediction No. 58: Many people, no matter what their level of suffering, will not accept The Big Sleep right away. Once it is proven safe without side effects, it will take several decades to half a century before billions of impoverished souls seeking hope take this step.

People have an instinct for survival and there will be tremendous fear and resistance to this plan. People who freeze are completely helpless. But if the choice is freeze or starve, the decision will be obvious

Once cryonics is perfected, those volunteering in the early years will be the dying, those with incurable diseases, those with severe physical disabilities, the elderly, time traveling adventurers, prisoners on death row or with long sentences, and those close to starving in the Third World. It will take time to accept cryonics before we see the huge numbers of volunteers necessary to defuse The Population Bomb.


Prediction No. 59: Sometime after the turn of the 22th Century, people will take turns living.


Friends and family members may choose to freeze for 20 to 100 years and then awake as a group. Then they may choose to live for 10 to 25 years before returning to a frozen state. In a sense, these adventurers are the only true time travelers – of course only in one direction: the future. The eventual goal, of course, is to have as few people "living" at any one time. 


Overpopulation is the root cause of every major problem this world faces today. Drastically reduce the population density in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the world WILL see a reduction in war and a reversal of environmental decay. The fact that 10 million die each year of starvation and malnutrition also cripple this world’s ability to reach a higher level of civilization. People dying in such huge numbers are the epitome of anarchy. We have to do this to save lives.

From another point of view, if 75 percent of all citizens of India freeze, the culture of that country will flourish. Certainly Indian children will have a better opportunity to earn a decent education and enjoy freedom.

In simplest terms: if Kenenta, a baby girl born in Somalia in 2052 to impoverished parents just as another drought strikes, has the chance to freeze, she will be given a second chance when she’s revived in 2552. Saving Kenenta and all the others is what this plan is all about.

*   *   *

Perhaps by 2250, we could see more than 75 percent of the people in the poorest countries sleeping and waiting for a better future. This will result – over the long haul – in the saving of billions of lives.

Unfortunately, by the year 3001, my name will be a footnote in a history log despite devising a plan that will save billions of lives. Rats!