Dark Ages

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What If We Plan Our Future? 
 Chapter 25


A number of factors could lead to another Dark Age far more deadly than the first one that devastated pre-Columbus Europe.

Predictions in this book suggest means to eliminate World Hunger and promote World Prosperity. But what if?...

•             Nuclear war

•             A series of environmental disasters

•             A global economic collapse

As the planet’s population approaches the 10 billion mark and as the Phoenix Condition kicks in, Earth will be dealing with awesome numbers. Currently 21,000 people starve to death throughout the world every day. Thus, if any sort of major global disaster occurs, people may witness an era where most will struggle daily to procure food.


The most likely and most deadly scenario could be a global economic meltdown. I am not an economist but it seems that the global economy is similar to a house of cards. The Unites States is deeply in debt and European countries are playing a whack-a-mole game by taking turns to see which nation is next to threaten default. Most Third World nations are also struggling with huge deficits. A string of nations suffering economic collapse could lead to the end of lending with borrowers putting up “Will work for food” signs.

Could we return to a global bartering system? “I’ll give you this shirt for two eggs.” Now imagine this scenarios 10+ billion times a day. This would lead to total chaos with the obvious results being far more than 21,000 souls starving to death every day. Imagine the number of brutal wars that will follow when starving nations act out of desperation.

The end result will not only be the devaluation of the U.S dollar but the devaluation of human life. Let’s hope the technological advances advocated in this book also lead to economic and social advances.