Far Future

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 24


Life a hundred years from now won’t resemble anything like life today.

The typical adult will live in a single room in apartment-like complexes, many of which will dive down 30 stories under our planet’s surface. These complexes will have community rooms shared by its residents such as living rooms, dining rooms, study rooms, and entertainment rooms. Simply: The days of huge numbers of single-family dwellings in an overpopulated world will sharply decline by 2101. Resources and space will be utilized carefully.

But these single rooms won’t be without comforts. Dinner of an artificial steak with steamed organic carrots (grown on the 37th floor of a skyscraper greenhouse) supplemented with a glass of mixed vegetable juice (filled with that day’s missing vitamins) will be served on an anti-gravity plate that will float through a small door in the wall of your room and hover to your table. Yummy.

Entertainment will be a multi-dimensional involving the resident and his or her favorite actor/actress in a romantic comedy. Or a visit to a nearby community room where residents can cheer on the latest robot football game. Other community rooms will host “hot seat” sessions where people will meet to discuss pressing issues like “Our purpose for being”, “How can we help the impoverished in India?” or “How can we be sure that all souls are treated equally?”

Next may be a round with a lov-bot. Programmed to please, this "event" may be a very stimulating encounter. However, in spite of the easy availability of these human-like robotic lovers, real human contact will be the primary goal of many residents in 2101. Consequently, a common question of that era will be: “Are you real or are you a robot?” Unfortunately, some robots will be programmed to lie.

Will we see the collapse of our modern society due to an overindulgence in pleasure? No. It will be advancements in education coupled with religious reformations in all the major religions that will save us. The society of 2101 will be vibrant with people working hard to advance our civilization.

The world outside of these subterranean dwellings will be far different than today’s world. Billions will be frozen in football-stadium-size cryonic chambers awaiting the day when a less populated world will allow them to enjoy more space and a better economy. By 2101, the overpopulation problem that plagues our world today will be solved.

No one will die of hunger in the 22nd Century. Robot farmers on land and under the sea coupled with floating farms, robotic water filters and skyscraper greenhouses will see to that. It will also be easier to feed the world if billions are frozen by 2101.

Don't forget advances in education. This will also be a very interesting time intellectually. Many adults and some teenagers will have 2 to 4 Ph.Ds. Thanks to modern education, many people will develop a thirst for knowledge and will take multi-dimensional, self-paced programs graded by computers to earn these multiple degrees in a short period of time. This knowledge will help create strong economies with many blooming technical industries including robotics, personal flying vehicles, and biotechnology.

Another important change in education will include the last language class. By 2031, there will be no language barriers. All languages will be immediately translated by mega-computers. Anna Maria says: “Como sa yama” Tim hears: “What is your name?” Tim thinks he hears: “You’re so handsome.”

By 2151, people will enjoy complete age disguising. Yes, a man or woman who is 121-years old will look and feel 21. Age discrimination will end because people won’t know how old anybody really is. Since most relationships will have time limits (the 5-year-marriage contract will be very popular), it will not be uncommon for a centurion to marry a young adult.

Even farther down the road, perhaps 500 years from now, people will live for 500+ years when they have their brains inserted into robot bodies. “Brain pumps” will feed the vital nutrients needed to keep the brain functioning well. Many, of course, will opt not to go this route and chose to leave this planet at their “appointed time” to move on to a better world.

Personal flying vehicles of 2101 will be unimaginably sophisticated. They will include single passenger flying vehicles that will resemble “bubbles”. They will be preprogrammed to the rider’s destination and arrive safely thanks to collision avoidance technology.

Other personal flying vehicles will resemble flying manhole covers. Riders will stretch out their arms and enjoy the breeze as they transverse while a gravity force holds them on the disk. For transcontinental transportation – buckle yourself in as you travel underground in a “bullet” bubble from Los Angeles to New York in three-and-a-half minutes.  Just enough time to eat a donut with chocolate sprinkles.

Fortunately, by this time, there will be no nuclear weapons. The last nuke will be disarmed around 2060 due to rational diplomacy and anti-nuke movements. Thanks to War Prevention strategies, conventional war will also be extinct.

Socially, all the world will enjoy democracy. All dictatorships, communist regimes and military regimes will be long extinct. Democracy will become so strong that people will have several days to vote on local, regional, national and universal propositions. As a result of this world-wide freedom, there will be a class of highly educated “international” citizens. Borders will be dropped in many countries with cities such as Paris and San Francisco truly becoming international cities.

Thanks to cloning, all animal reserves will be fully stocked with every sort of animal from elephants, rhinos and tigers. There’ll even be a few living Wholly Mammoths. The seas will be chuck full of blue whales and every imaginable fish. Breeding through cloning is quick and prolific and this includes trees and plants. Thus, the Amazon Rainforest will flourish again. All environmental risks of today will be solved through a wide range of sciences and technology leading to our planet being strong and vibrant.

By 2101, planet Earth will be a world without hunger, a world where overpopulation no longer exists, and a planet free from war. The end result will be that all people will enjoy freedom, democracy, religious rights, education, job opportunities and most important of all: hope.