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                                                          What If We Plan Our Future?
Chapter 23


Prediction Number 88: An International Feminist Movement will emerge later this Century to fight inequality throughout the world. This movement will use the Social Media to combat violence against women while promoting educational, economic and political equality.

The International Feminist Movement will transcend borders, culture and religion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media yet to be developed. It will call for women and men (sympathetic to the plight of their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and female friends) to campaign for equality. Certainly by 2099, women throughout the world will enjoy near equality.

A Sad State of Affairs

Unfortunately, too many women on this planet are victims of domestic violence, physical or mental abuse or rape. Educational inequality leaves far too many women illiterate and in poverty. Political inequality limits the number of leaders who may put women’s issues on their agenda. And economic inequality, in terms of equal pay and job opportunities, leads to a higher degree of suffering (poverty!) for females on this planet.

But all this will change year by year and decade by decade as the social media empowers young people to seek equality.

Perhaps the first step is a campaign to promote literacy among women throughout the world. Adult women in many Middle Eastern and subSahara African nations have a literacy rate of under 40%. Countries such as Afghanistan, the Sudan, Chad and Somalia are in distress because women are not educated and cannot participate in improving their society.

Malala Yousafzai, the young Afghani girl shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to learn to read, is a symbol of repression. As long as we have societies that openly believe that women should not be educated, the pain of inequality will continue for so many women and girls. And we have to believe that an educated female society would lift the standard of life in most underdeveloped nations even to the point of improving the prospects for peace.

It also cannot be over-estimated that educated women with access to birth control have less children. This will help in an overpopulated world.

Feminist Issues That Must Be Addressed

Human trafficking is prevalent in this world and most victims are women and children. An organized International Feminist Movement (that includes men) can draw more attention to this trade and pressure nations where this crime exists.

Rape as a weapon of war must also be addressed. This strategy is designed to destroy a community as a means to win a war. But the civilian victims will suffer gravely for the rest of their lives. Mass rape is a great crime and should be loudly and repeatedly criticized by the international community.

There are a myriad of issues throughout the world that affect the quality of life for women. Domestic violence in some cultures is almost accepted as part of life. Some women in Muslim nations experience genital mutilation under the guise that women should not enjoy sex. Millions of female fetuses have been aborted throughout China solely because this baby lacks a penis. And sexism - where women are judged by their body over their mind - can be found in East Timbuktu to New York City.  

Imagine a world with near equality. Certainly this world would be far more civilized if women were equal partners by 2099.