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Forum responses: Some were shortened as we had several over 500 words. Thank you:

One of the reasons why your cryonics idea won’t work is that too many people will decline to do this. Once you’re frozen, you’re completely helpless.    John G. Brooklyn, New York

I noticed you didn’t predict cities on Mars. And that’s good. People don’t realize how far away Mars really is. What if something goes wrong on the ship going there or on the planet itself. Yeah, I watched "The Martian"Lance B. Indianapolis, IN

You didn’t mention that robots will take away people’s jobs. We have to realize that if we have robots doing everything for us, we’ll be unemployed. Aaron H. Fresno, California

I’m a little bothered by your predictions about sex. I think you could have put more emphasis on how damaging a society without real human contact will be. Immoral societies can’t survive. Kay R. Seattle, Washington

People transferring their brains to robot bodies and living 500 years or more? Humm. Not sure if I want that future. Jason K. Toronto, Canada.

I like your pet cryonics plan. Societies that treat their animals kindly are usually more civilized. Beth H. Houston, Texas

I enjoyed your predictions about the future of education but what will happen to the kids that can’t handle such an intense education? Some will be left behind.   Kaylee C. Provo, Utah.

Sometimes your ideas are not connected. You talk about the Phoenix Condition and then you talk about Cryonics. Wouldn’t Cryonics solve the Phoenix Condition? Chris B. Barstow, CA

Won’t the Middle East revolt against your plan to promote religious equality 24 X 7? Nageen K. New York, City

You don’t talk about space travel enough. Maybe in a100 years, Star Trek will become a reality. Terrence J. Boston, MA

I like your idea regarding spreading messages of peace in the region’s native language 24 X 7. I know we do a little bit of this now but how can we get our government to win the media war? Steve J. Omaha, NE

I think you should put more emphasis on how robotics, biotechnology and converting to green energy will rebuild our world economy. Too many people currently live in poverty and these advancements will help create more jobs and better lives. Sarah H. Birmingham, AL

I find your suggestion regarding how sex will dramatically change this century very important. I know you talk about the repercussions but I think your forecasts could lead to the moral collapse of our society. Melissa N. Chicago, IL