Fun in 2021

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What If We Plan Our Future?
Chapter 4

 FUN IN 2021

All work and no play leaves 21st Century Jacks and Jills dull boys and girls.


Prediction No. 17: Total TV is almost here. Within a few years, you will be able to order ANY episode of ANY television show, any movie, any music video, any documentary, or any college course EVER produced WHEN you want it from the comfort of your easy chair.

First there was radio, then TV, then color TV, then VCRs, then cable, then 300-channel satellite TV, then DVDs, then high-definition TV, then gigantic flat-screen TVs, then movies on demand...well, can life get any better? Yes!!! Brace yourselves for Total TV in the early 21st Century.


By voice-activated command, you can order any 1960s sit-com such as the "Hogan's Heroes" episode where Hogan tricks Klink, or the episode of the 1970s sit-com "Three's Company" where a misunderstanding leads to chaos between Jack, Chrissy and Janet or the episode of "Friends" where Jennifer Aniston has trouble getting a date. Movies such as "Titanic", "Star Wars" or “Twilight 17” can also be ordered on a whim - but all for a fee, of course. 

"I want my Total TV!" By 2021, you will be able to order any television show ever made whenever you want to see it.

Also by 2020, if you're not sure which episode of “Two-and-a-Half Men" you want to see, your computer-stored personality profile will suggest the best episode for you. Your computer will also keep track of which episodes you have seen and suggest other TV shows and movies that, based on your likes and dislikes, you might want to view.


Prediction No. 18: Viewers will be able to insert their favorite actress/actor in any film by 2025.

By 2025, thanks to advancements in computer technology, you'll also be able to substitute actors and actresses for your favorite films. Say you don't like Julia Roberts. "Pretty Woman" was the movie that made Julia a star but you will be able to order "Pretty Woman" starring a young version of Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie or any other actress. 


But what if your favorite actor is you? Yes, you will be able to substitute a computerized image of yourself in any movie by 2025. If you're a woman, you can be "Cleopatra" instead of Liz Taylor - and you can change the ending so that YOU conquer the world. And if you're a guy, you can be James Bond in any of the 007 films. I'm already rehearsing. When the bad guy asks: "Who are you?!" I'll answer: "Donohue, Timothy Donohue." You can also be Rick in Casablanca and change the ending so Ingrid Bergman goes home with you instead of what's his name.

New movies will also include actors who are no longer acting. John Wayne will ride the saddle again in computer-generated Westerns. Why can't Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe star together in a romantic comedy? And Audrey Hepburn will return as a DMV employee with a heart of gold (not sure if it will be a comedy or science fiction). But anything’s possible in future movies.



Prediction No. 19: Multi-Dimensionals will become the rage by 2025.

The next generation of "television" will be multi-dimensional broadcasts. Instead of watching flat-screen presentations, the show -- using advanced holographics -- will play all around you. Expect this by 2025.


Imagine you're watching "Top Gun" - the movie where Tom Cruise does the impossible with a fighter jet. You'll be sitting in your easy chair (the one that heats and massages your back) as aerial combat takes place in front of you, behind you and along side of you. As you reach out to touch one of the jets, it will zoom harmlessly right through your fingers. 

Imagine watching a movie that is "playing all around you." That's what you'll get in 2025 when multi-dimensionals become the norm. But beware if you order "Top Gun."

All sporting events will also be shown in multi-dimensional form by 2025. Imagine watching a football game ON the 50-yard line with the players coming right at you (and running safely through you). The resolution will be crystal clear - like you are actually there. 

Sorry, but you can’t pick up the fumbles while watching multi-dimensional football in 2025.

                                    LIFE-SIZE VIDEO GAMES

Prediction No. 20: The next big advancement in computer games will be giant multi-dimensional games.


Multi-dimensionals will not be reserved just for TV and movies. Today each new generation of computer video game flashes better and better graphics. So eventually, by 2025, we can expect video games to appear in holographic form to allow players to "play" among multi-dimensional images of unicorns, baseball players, out-of-control cars, trolls and red dragons! Other games will include pinball machines 20-feet wide and 20-feet long. Players will be able to "push" the hologram of a beach-ball-size ball to bounce and score off the "pins." 

Kids will enjoy life-size video games involving holographic images by the year 2025.


Prediction No. 21: Indoor beaches will pop up in land-locked states and nations by 2030.


Kansas City will be home to a smaller version of Waikiki when indoor beaches become popular in the 2030s. These enclosures will include warm waves and robotic fish (cause the live ones smell bad when they die). A tropical temperature with the appropriate humidity will make indoor beaches throughout the Mid-West huge tourist attractions. 

This is an indoor beach. Why is it indoors? Because there are no oceans in Kansas. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani


Prediction No. 22: Skiers will ski all-year round in cities as warm as Miami by 2035.

Imagine it's a hot, hot July afternoon but you're skiing non-stop down a snow-covered slope. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? But by 2030, Perpetual Skiing will be a booming business - even in cities as tropical as Honolulu.


Here's how it will work: A huge "backwards treadmill" covered with artificial snow will roll as you're skiing. The treadmill - perhaps a hundred-yards wide and a hundred-yards long -- will move at various speeds and tilt at various angles depending on the skills of those using it.

And you can forget about ski lifts as well as a verbal command will stop the treadmill when your group has had enough. The treadmill will then move to a horizontal position so the skiers can step off.

Sometime around 2030, giant treadmills that roll backwards will allow skiers to ski until they're exhausted. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani