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What If We Plan Our Future? 


Imagine a world without hunger.

Think about a planet so green that endangered species are no longer threatened.

           Dream of a world without war.

Or surmise a world no longer threatened by the Population Bomb.

                                  It Will Happen! 

For the last 4 million years, humans have let the future happen to them. We have mindlessly let war, poverty and hunger inflict us. And billions have suffered for this. But what if we drew up plans for a positive future and worked diligently to achieve that future? For example, what if we pledged to end world hunger by 2050 by building thousands of skyscraper greenhouses, developing robotic farmers that plow, plant and harvest nearly every arable acre on land and under the sea, and constructing solar-powered robotic insects that kill all crop-eating bugs? Can we achieve this goal? Yes. For the first time in human history, we have the technology and ingenuity to control our destiny and solve every major problem out there from hunger, to war, to environmental degradation. Hence, the purpose of this manuscript is to draw up a blueprint for a positive future. All we need to do is follow it.

My name is Tim Donohue and I’m a futurologist.  Of course, my hero is Nostradamus, one of the greatest forecasters the world has ever known. He is credited with accurately predicting major wars, and the rise of Napoleon and Hitler.  However, I believe I’m better than Nostradamus. Given time, this book will prove I’m right.

Below is a scenic view of a world filled with gigantic skyscraper greenhouses, robot farmers and robot bugs that kill all crop-eating bugs. This is also a world without hunger. Artwork by Charlotte LoPrete.


Couple Robot Farmers with 100-story skyscraper greenhouse farms, robots that harvest the ocean floor and floating farms that deliver food to starving coastal nations and 100s of millions of lives will be saved this Century.

World Hunger will be conquered by the year 2030 when tireless Robot Farmers plow, plant and harvest nearly EVERY square inch of arable land on this planet. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

Among the social advances our society will enjoy later this century include the greater use of War Prevention strategies. Freedom and democracy advocates will utilize advanced forms of social media that will send holographic images of the sender throughout the world calling for peace, freedom, democracy, tolerance and human rights. This social revolution will lead to the extinction of war, the last dictatorship, and a reversal of nuclear proliferation by 2099. These messages will be sent by peace lovers 24x7 in the listeners’ native language in between that culture’s most popular music. One message broadcasted frequently will be that “We all have souls of equal worth to our creator so to kill another is blasphemy.”

Yes, it’s propaganda but these messages will initiate peace movements. Future generations will use modern communications to transmit messages from East Timbuktu to West Borneo. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

Every environmental problem we face today will be solved in the next 60 years. Planet Management will become so sophisticated that robots taking surveys of rain forests, wooded areas, grassy plains and deserts. These scanners will report back to biologists exactly what species, trees and plants needed to be added or removed to make any particular environment environmentally sound. By 2070, the Amazon Rainforest will be nearly rebuilt right down to the poison arrow frogs. This will lead to a reversal of Global Warming and solve all other serious environmental problems.

"We'll add a dose of lady bugs, a bushel of redwood tree seeds, and a dozen king snakes…" Watch for Planet Management techniques to become extremely sophisticated by 2050. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

And the big one: The Population Bomb will be defused sometime in the second half of the 21st Century when 100s of millions to billions of poverty-stricken people in India, Pakistan, China, Kenya and Brazil opt to freeze themselves to re-awaken in a less-crowded world perhaps a millennium away. This technology, freezing and reviving a living person without any ill effects or memory loss, is only two or three decades away. The freezing of people to await a better future will be considered the greatest “event” of the 21st Century.

Football-stadium-sized Cryonic Chambers will become commonplace in nearly every country as billions of poverty-stricken families volunteer to freeze together to travel to a far better future.

A quick history lesson should give us hope for a positive future. Technological and social change over the last century was astronomical. We saw the following inventions: the airplane, the space shuttle, the radio and television, the computer, the internet, the cell phone, and the artificial heart – all over a 100-year period. Social advancements include the vote for women, the formation of the Civil Rights Movement, and the first serious environmental movements. Progress this Century will also be tremendous. And if we plan and control this impending progress, we can solve many of the world's most pressing problems.

Hence, the purpose of this book is to reveal the blueprint that world leaders, governments, international organizations, scientists, engineers, educators and concerned citizens (people like you) can use to save our world. 

Simply: We will never get to where we should be if we don’t know where we’re going.

                                                                                                    *  *  *

This is a book of predictions. 

So what gives me the right to compose this manuscript? The answer’s not simple but I came to realize at a very young age that I saw things differently. I am a child of the 60s and was mesmerized by Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb”, shocked by our willingness to war in Vietnam (I protested in San Francisco!), and was fascinated by the first rumblings of the importance of preserving our environment.

When I was young, I couldn’t understand why the “majority” were so naïve and so silent. Couldn’t they see we were headed in the wrong direction? Didn’t they realize that overpopulation alone would lead to hundreds of millions, more likely billions, to die – often in agony?

So as an antagonized 16-year-old, I started writing lists of what I thought was wrong in the world. And in time, I came to write of possible solutions. But I didn’t reach the stage that is revealed in this book until I decided to “work backwards” in my social/political writings. I thought about what would be the ultimate solution to a problem such as overpopulation and then worked “backwards” – specially working back from the solution to the first step. In terms of overpopulation, wouldn’t the ultimate solution be freezing huge portions of our population to await the day when the world was less crowded? Having thought of that solution, I surmised scenarios where many impoverished people in Africa, Asia and Latin America would accept cryonics as a hope to escape their poverty and defuse the Population Bomb.

Now I am a seer with one goal left: I want to be the best forecaster of the future the world has ever known. Let Nostradamus be second best.

What Is Key4hope?

This is a social media think tank with the goal of publishing a blueprint for a positive future. And I’m Key4hope’s executive director.

Unfortunately, an assessment of our world is not very positive.

Today, this planet is overpopulated – that’s why we are struggling with mass starvation and climate change. Are we doing anything to limit our growth? Today, we see the devastation of conventional war with modern weapons – let alone the nuclear threats of North Korea and Iran. What are we doing to make peace for the future? And more animal species have become extinct in the 20th Century than all previous centuries combine while great portions of our rainforests have been destroyed. Are we doing enough to rebuild our environment?

Hmmmm, enough is enough. So let’s make plans to solve this world’s most pressing problems and save multi-millions of lives. Now if you have a suggestion or comment, please hit the “Contact me” button below or call Tim Donohue at (650) 814-4643.