Last Dictator

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What If We Plan Our Future? 
 Chapter 18


Sadly, 60 percent of this world’s citizens are trapped in nations controlled by dictators and military regimes. These are ILLEGAL governments and their leaders are MASS MURDERERS and NATION KIDNAPPERS. Fortunately, this nightmare for so many will end for their grandchildren later this century.

Major Prediction No. 16: By 2050, the last dictatorship will fall, thanks in large part to Freedom and Democracy Movements.


Shortly after the first caveman stood upright some 4 million years ago, man has had a great desire to dominate others. Unfortunately, we have not made much progress since Cro-Magnon. But all this will change by 2050 as the last dictatorship will fall and all citizens throughout the world will enjoy the universal right of democracy. And here is how it will be done:

Now that we have the Internet, social media, satellite TV and international radio broadcasts, it's time to tell the world of the benefits of Democracy. Much the same way that Radio Free Europe had a positive influence on those trapped behind the Iron Curtain, members of The Freedom and Democracy Movement will broadcast messages to those trapped in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc.

These messages, broadcast in the country's native language, will be more aggressive than the "news of the day" messages broadcasted by Radio Free Europe. These messages will teach people that Democracy is an inalienable right, despite what Third World dictators may tell their people. And if we play the hottest music acceptable to the local culture and religion between messages praising democracy, freedom and human rights, younger generations, which have the most to gain from freedom, will listen. 

By 2025, there will be a Radio Free China, a Radio Free Venezuela, and a Radio Free Algeria. And these new freedom stations will encourage those trapped under a dictatorship to nurture Pro-Democracy movements. These stations will also inform the people how their government has robbed them of their basic human rights, and how their dictator or military regime has squandered their national treasury through theft and wasteful military spending. Succinctly, if we are truly interested in establishing a strong democracy in the Sudan, we need to broadcast messages 24 hours a day in Sudanese.

Freedom Stations Will Free The World

These Freedom Stations will also ask new Freedom Fighters to talk to friends, to hold meetings, to hang fliers under the cover of darkness to promote democracy and criticize the gangster that holds them hostage.
Certainly the governments of Cuba, Rwanda and North Korea and many other nations will protest the Freedom and Democracy Movement but we must broadcast that these governments are illegitimate. The leaders of the People’s Republic of China are also nation kidnappers. They rule illegally and should be rebuked loudly and repeatedly by the world community.

It should never be forgotten that everyone on this planet has the universal right to Democracy. And we can make a better future this century if people who live in countries that respect freedom help those in repressed nations -- via the Internet and satellite communications.

It must be noted, however, that loss of life will occur when these Freedom Movements take off. But the loss of life that will result if nothing is done will be far greater if dictators are allowed over decades to "disappear", imprison, or execute anyone who opposes them.

Finally it cannot be forgotten that many Democracies are so corrupt as to be ineffective. So new Democracies must be vigilantly watched and supported.




Unfortunately there seems to be a false code of honor when it comes to dictators. It seems that too many dictators, no matter how bloodthirsty, are allowed to stay in power without fear of removal.

But are we being "civil" if we let a dictator live? The real solution will come only when we "change" the rules. In time, it will be the Free World that will have to free the unfree world. The Freedom and Democracy Movement will record TV and radio messages hailing democracy and human rights in Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Farsi, etc.

We speak a myriad of languages in this country so it won’t be hard to find volunteers who want to help their ancestral home achieve a higher level of civilization.  Then we blast these messages in Venezuela, Iran and China 24x7 on a level that would make carpet bombing look like a peace offering. It’s time that the world stop honorably dealing with murderous dictators.

And the world's indifference to genocide in Darfur, Cambodia, Burma and Rwanda is, in itself, an atrocity. Had the leaders responsible for these mass murders been put on trial for genocide, it would have intimidated future dictators from considering war or ethnic cleansing. Instead there are few trials of any significance.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to get a U.N. mandate to remove a bloodthirsty dictator as most of the members of the U.N. are mouthpieces for dictators - who are afraid that they will be the next mass murderer to be removed by a U.N. proclamation. So broadcasting seems to be our only option.



Kathy and Silvia usually talked about music, boys, or clothes during recess but today was different. Kathy, a blonde with a lot of freckles, and Silvia, a brunette of Italian ancestry, both  looked up into the California sky on that April day in 2035. That morning, their high school teacher Mr. Rodriquez showed a multi-dimensional about the American Revolution that detailed the struggles for freedom and democracy. So today, the sophomore high school girls wanted to inspire their own freedom movement.

Kamutu, an African teenager with short hair and a round face, lived in a small village in war-torn Nigeria. He borrowed his uncle’s palm-sized multi-elite and held it in front of him. Small holographic images of Kathy and Silvia popped up from the clear screen. Kathy and Silvia waved and smiled at their distant friend. Kamutu, who also appeared in holographic form on Kathy’s multi-elite, flashed a broad smile that showed a lot of teeth. Although the girls did not speak a word of Enuani, the dialect of the Igbo people in Nigeria, the tiny mega-computer in the multi-elite immediately translated their words.

Silvia began reciting what she learned from that morning’s lesson: “I think everyone has the right to enjoy freedom…”

After a warm hello, Silvia spoke about the day’s lesson. “Democracy is something everyone has the right to enjoy,” said Silvia in English while her words came across to Kamutu in Enuani. “It means the people can decide for themselves what the laws should be instead of having a dictator telling you what to do.” Kamutu smiled in agreement.