Major Predictions

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 26



Major Prediction No. 1: Robots will be used this century to a far greater degree than currently imagined. Robot farmers will operate both on land and under the sea, robot bugs will assassinate all crop-eating insects, and robot water filters will locate, purify and transport clean water. These machines and other robots will shake the very foundations of our society – and save billions of lives over the next several centuries.

Analysis: This prediction is currently happening. Each generation of robot will be more efficient than the previous generation of machines. Robots are essentially computers with legs. And if we could actually peek into the future in the year 2075, we would all be amazed by their powerful capabilities. Odds of Occurrence: 100%

Major Prediction No. 2: By 2049, humans will make love more often to robots than to other humans.

Analysis: This is my most dangerous prediction. People take the impending crash of complete morality far too lightly. If we go the way of the Romans, our society will suffer greatly. The minimalization of human contact in the upcoming decades and centuries will change humanity to something that will be hard to recognize. But this is a lot like the nuclear age, once Pandora's Box is opened, the squalor that escapes cannot be placed back into the box. Robot Lovers, known as Lov-bots, will happen and on a large scale. This prediction will come true – it is only a question of how many will indulge. Odds of Occurrence: 100%

Major Prediction No. 3: With face transplants and cell revitalization, 80-year-olds will pass for 25-year-olds later this century. The social repercussions of this will be astounding.

Analysis: As with all these predictions, face transplants will take time. But eventually medical science WILL reach the point where people will look perpetually young. Cleopatra, who wore makeup to look younger thousands of years ago, would have loved the face transplant option. Everyone wants to look young and be popular, so society will work hard to make face transplants become a reality. This medical technology will be expensive in the beginning but costs will eventually go down. Odds of Occurrence: 95%.

Major Prediction No. 4: The benefits of biotechnology will allow for all humans in the developed world to be whole and completely healthy by 2065.

Analysis: Some say biotechnology will be the greatest catalyst to change in this century. All humans will eventually be made whole and young. Biotechnology will not only alter the human condition, it will change plant and animal life as well. Farms will produce more fruits and vegetables, extinct or endangered animals will be revived and new animal species will be created. It is not a question of whether or not biotechnology will occur, it's a question of to what degree. Biotechnology will significantly alter the lives of every generation and we will witness tremendous advances every decade. Odds of Occurrence: 100%.

Major Prediction No. 5: Brain chips will greatly enhance human intelligence and lead to greater technological and social advancements later this century.

Analysis: This is a dangerous prediction. How much will the human condition be altered if we alter our minds? But if we stick to basic knowledge (math, science, language, history, etc.) and don't alter the human personality, brain chips will be an acceptable advancement. We will see great advances in this area in the second half of this century. Odds of Occurrence: 83.7%.

Major Prediction No. 6: People will transfer their brains to sophisticated robot bodies several hundred years from now. They will live an extremely long time – perhaps 500+ years.

Analysis: This prediction is a long way off. Imagine what medical technology and robotics will be like 500 years from now. Every generation will witness major advancements in medical and biotechnology with a greater understanding of the human body. This prediction is scary and many people may not choose to place their brain in a robotic body. But there will be some whose instinct for survival could keep them alive for 500 to perhaps thousands of years. Odds of Occurrence: 89%.

Major Prediction No. 7: The Second Sexual Revolution will explode in the early 21st Century.

Analysis: Hummm, this could be bad. But once all sexually transmitted diseases are solved and birth control reaches levels where people can take an "off pill" and never worry about an unplanned pregnancy, the primary inhibitions to uninhibited sex will be gone. Add love-bots, the real catalyst to The Second Sexual Revolution, and there'll be a lot of mischief. However, all this could lead to a morally bankrupt society.  The Fall of Rome occurred because too many Romans were shagging on the marble floor instead of watching out for the Barbarians. Odds of Occurrence: 98%.

Major Prediction No. 8: Educational methods will change dramatically in the near future thus creating a generation heavily populated with mini-Einstein’s.

Analysis: This is my favorite prediction. The current educational system will be completely overhauled by changing our philosophy on presenting information to students. Advances gained through the Mega-Computer Age will lead to a system that individually analyzes each individual student in regard to what they know and what they don't know. Individual lesson plans will be developed, via computer, for each student. Thus, we will create a world filled with brilliant people. Imagine our potential for solving problems such as overpopulation, war, poverty, food shortages, and clean water, etc. Odds of Occurrence: 96%.

Major Prediction No. 9: Sometime around the year 2050, when man should die at approximately 75 years of age, medical and technical science will become so advanced that life expectancies will increase to 150 years and beyond. This severe increase in longevity will greatly swell the world’s population in an already overpopulated world. This phenomenon will be known as The Phoenix Condition.

Analysis: To significantly increase longevity in an already overpopulated world will lead to tremendous misery. We should be working fervently to lower our population growth rate in light of the fact that 21,000+ currently starve to death or die from complications of malnutrition EVERY day. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Condition will drastically increase our population growth rate. Will this prediction come true? Yes, it will. Each generation lives longer, so adding cloning, biotechnology, anti-aging drugs, etc. will increase the pace for longer life expectancies. Odds of Occurrence: 99%.

Major Prediction No. 10: The Population Bomb will be permanently defused in a very ingenious way late this century. Cryonics will freeze millions of impoverished volunteers by 2080 and billions by 2150. These volunteers will awake hundreds to thousands of years away in a far-more-civilized world capable of caring for them.

Analysis: This is the most controversial of my predictions. And there are a number of things that could occur to prevent this prediction from coming true. Food production can improve to the level that no one starves. The instinct for survival could inhibit most potential volunteers from taking the "Big Sleep". If as little as a billion souls volunteer, that won't be enough to mitigate the problems of a 15+ billion world in the late 22nd Century. But I believe that poverty will compel between 5 to 10 billion souls to wait for a far better future. Thus Cryonics will play a key role in solving the world's most pressing problem. Odds of Occurrence: 65%.

Major Prediction No. 11: Within the next 15 years, this planet will finally take The Population Bomb seriously. It will be a coordinated effort that will include dynamic population education that will transcend borders and cultures. Along with the invention of the 100 percent effective, safe, inexpensive and very long-term birth control pill or injection, population control will become the world's top priority. This planet must reduce its population growth rate before the cryonic option kicks in – something that is very necessary to limit world misery.

Analysis: It is fairly obvious that birth control will improve with each generation of medical and technological advances. The key here is that most societies must accept birth control and family planning as staples of their society. Religion and culture may inhibit progress in this area. Odds of Occurrence: 78%.

Major Prediction No. 12: World hunger will become extinct by 2050.

Analysis: With skyscraper farms, tugboat farms, undersea farms, robotic water filters, and mechanical insects that destroy crop-eating insects, this prediction has a high probability of coming true. Improved food preservation techniques and better distribution of food will also play key roles in ending hunger and saving billions of lives in the Third Millennium. And it cannot be overlooked that if we pursue building forests of skyscraper farms, we can save our economy by making food our leading export. Odds of Occurrence: 98%.

Major Prediction No. 13: By 2050, Planet Management will become so sophisticated that huge tracts of land that were destroyed by human intervention will be restored. Specifically, thanks to new technologies, a massive environmental rebuilding program will right the ecological scales.

Analysis: This is an exciting prediction that will make today's Greenie efforts look inconsequential. All rainforests will be rebuilt and every rare animal species will be saved. Overpopulation can limit progress but this is one area where we will see great success this century.  Odds of Occurrence: 93%

Major Prediction No. 14. The problems of rising sea levels due to global warming will be solved late this century when 100s of millions of floating containers will hold the water from the melted ice caps above sea level.

Analysis:Rising sea levels are coming. So we need a practical solution. Flying to another planet light years away just isn't going to do it.  But combining this solution with Major Prediction No. 13 will eventually make our Earth very livable. Odds of Occurrence: 72%.

Major Prediction No. 15: The last war will be fought prior to 2070. Advanced War Prevention techniques will see to that.

Analysis: There are reasons why war will end - forever. It is too costly! And as civilization improves, people will work fervently to avoid and prevent war. Today, a shy teenager living in Lawrence, Kansas can email a message of peace to a friend living in a small village in Uganda. Imagine international communications 20 years down the road when computers can immediately translate any language into any other language. Unfortunately, overpopulation is a major contributing factor to war and failure to defuse the Population Bomb will delay the day we celebrate the last war. Odds of Occurrence: 89%.

Major Prediction No. 16: By 2050, the last dictatorship will fall, thanks in large part to Freedom and Democracy Movements.

Analysis: It may take 30 years, but dictators will fall one by one as societies progress - in large part because the world has become extremely small. Freedom lovers in Portland, Oregon can send messages in English over the net to Mozambique that will be instantly translated into Swahili, thus educating a listener about freedom, democracy and human rights. Dictators will soon make the endangered species list. However, a world economic meltdown could inhibit progress here. Odds of Occurrence: 81%

Major Prediction No. 17: Advancements in medical technology will allow fetuses to be removed from the womb and frozen to await adoption 100s to 1,000s of years from now. This advancement will raise our level of civilization.

Analysis: This is among my favorite predictions. If this prediction comes true SOONER because of this book, millions of “little ones” will be saved. Unfortunately, the logistics of freezing so many fetuses will be difficult. Of course there has to be better and FREE birth control and greatly improved sex education before we can make this prediction work. But there is bad news with this prediction. In a grossly overpopulated world, will these babies ever wake up? Perhaps in 10,000 years? Odds of Occurrence: 79%.

Major Prediction No. 18: Sometime in the first half of the 21st Century, an international attitude will develop among huge populations throughout the world that: Every human being has a soul and that soul is of equal worth to all other souls on this planet. This philosophy will bring peace and charity throughout the world.

Analysis: The philosophy of "All Souls Are Created Equal" will lead to peace between major religions and a world of young people who have abandoned the prejudices of previous generations to build a world far more tolerable and enjoyable to live in. Odds of Occurrence: 91%.

Major Prediction No. 19: Strong religious movements this century will call for people to observe the fundamental beliefs of their religions. This will lead to centuries of peace.

Analysis: I believe there will be a tremendous people-power movement this century. Society will become more civilized, thanks in large part to stable and righteous religious movements. This includes youngsters in the Middle East who believe that promoting Islam is what Allah wants instead of killing all non-believers of Islam. After all, Allah made every human being. And the Christian Reformation will inspire many to follow Christ's example - and this is a very good thing. Odds of Occurrence: 82%.

Major Prediction No. 20: This world will embrace a renaissance of art, philosophy, and righteous thought in the 2020s and beyond.

Analysis: Are we headed for a world without war? A world without dictatorships? And a world without hunger? What will be the next step if we achieve these goals and people have more important things to do besides procuring weapons, food or clean water? The Second Renaissance will produce a world far more civilized. Odds of Occurrence: 95%.