Population Control No. 1

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 13


Approximately 840 million babies, children and adults go hungry every night, according to the Population Reference Bureau. That's 840 million EVERY night!

Major Prediction No. 11: Within the next 15 years, this planet will finally take The Population Bomb seriously. It will be a coordinated effort that will include dynamic population education that will transcend borders, religions and cultures, as well as, the invention of the 100 percent effective, safe, inexpensive and very long-term birth control pill or injection. The world must reduce its population growth rate before the Phoenix Condition and the cryonic option kicks in – something that is very necessary to limit world misery.

China with its billion+ citizens is a symbol of overpopulation. Throughout the world, hundreds of millions of couples want but do not have access to reliable birth control.



The number one problem the world faces today is NOT global warming. Nor is it nuclear proliferation or conventional war. The world’s economic catastrophe will lead to much suffering but the economy is also not the world’s greatest problem.

The greatest threat the world faces today is overpopulation.  Simply, every problem that currently plagues our planet is greatly exasperated by far too many people. If we’re able to limit population density to a great degree and feed everyone, all other problems involving the environment, war, politics, the economy, etc. will be mitigated. But if we continue on the path of adding billions of people to an already overpopulated world, all efforts to solve the above problems will fail.

Today, there is no leadership directing us as to how to defuse The Population Bomb. The bomb keeps ticking and we’re not doing anything! You don’t hear our president talking about overpopulation. The pope is more interested in limiting condom use and condemning artificial birth control than leading an effort to limit population growth. And the United Nations has also made little impact in limiting population growth.

However, within the next 15 years, it will be the United States along with 100s of millions of Facebookers, tweeters, bloggers, e-mailers and web page managers that will promote world-wide population control.



Prediction No. 60: The United States will adopt a formal population policy by 2025.

The first thing the United States must do to lead is set an example. So, by 2025, this county will adopt a Formal Population Policy that calls for Negative Population Growth in this country.


If we’re to be the world's leader, than we must lead. Certainly we can't advocate population control in India, for example, if we’re unwilling to adopt population control measures for ourselves. Thus, we will show the world how it's done by taking measures to limit our population growth to the point that we reach Negative Population Growth. 


“I volunteer! We’re going to fight overpopulation!”

Aside from setting an example, we must realize that U.S. citizens are the world's greatest consumers. We each consume about 40 times the amount of goods as the average Bangladeshi citizen. Reduce our population and we will have taken a positive step towards preserving the international environment, and have additional space to grow food for a starving world.

Specifically, the United States needs to:

•             Adopt a Formal Population Policy calling for Negative Population Growth in our country. Step two will be for the United States to make an international call for all nations to reduce their populations. We have to make population control the world’s top priority.

•             Push birth control research - we need the Off Pill or The Birth Control Patch and we need it cheap, simple to use and easy to distribute.

•             Call for volunteers to adopt the Seven-Year-Pregnancy (the volunteer plan for married couples to wait 7 years before having their first child).

•             The development of Robot Farmers and Robot Bugs is critical to saving lives between now and when The Population Bomb is finally defused. The development of skyscraper farms, underwater farms and floating farms will also save lives.

•                And take the initial steps to develop The Cryonic Alternative.



Prediction No. 61: Within 15 years, scientists will produce a completely safe, reliable and long-term birth control device.


We’re still one generation away from developing the ultimate birth control. We need a pill, injection, patch, etc. so simple, reliable, safe and inexpensive that any illiterate couple of any culture can easily use it ONCE and never get pregnant until they utilize a device that counters this birth control. Science will develop this ultimate birth control by 2030.

During World War II, 130,000 scientists, technicians, military personnel and others worked nearly around the clock to develop the atomic bomb in just over three years. How much better off would the world be, particularly our environment, if we developed this ultimate birth control and distributed it for free throughout the world? Medical scientists should work 24x7 to develop truly efficient birth control if we want to save many innocent lives in the first half of this century.


Prediction No. 62: The birth control patch will be so simple that a user can put it on and never get pregnant.

We have the Nicotine Patch so why not The Birth Control Patch? Put it on, no pregnancy. It doesn't have to be a patch. It could be a 5-year pill or an “Off Pill” (an “On Pill” will be taken later when the couple desires a child). But birth control must become THAT SIMPLE if this world is to have a relatively peaceful 21st Century.

It doesn't matter if you can't read, do not speak a major language and know only that Tab A fits into Slot B, The Birth Control Patch will play a major role in limiting population growth in the early 21st Century.

Upon the perfection of this patch or the “Off Pill”, the United States, the United Nations, and international relief organizations will spearhead efforts to distribute billions of them. The final step will come in the mid-2020s and beyond when an army of volunteers in every nation go out to explain the negative effects of overpopulation as they distribute the Patch or the Off Pill.

The next generation of birth control will be 100 percent effective and have very few side effects. By 2035, medical science will develop an implant that will safely sterilize the user until the implant is removed. The implant will be so sophisticated that it will cultivate and distribute the proper hormones in the body to prevent conception. This implant will be given to vast numbers of the world's youngsters of both sexes to further limit unplanned teenage pregnancies just prior to puberty. 

Certainly unplanned or "accidental" pregnancies must become a relic if we want to successfully defuse the Population Bomb.



Prediction No. 63: Most citizens of the 2020s and beyond will carefully plan when and how many children they have.

As an essential component for approaching Negative Population Growth in the United States, citizens will be called upon to make a voluntary pledge to be known as the "Seven-Year Pregnancy." This plan will ask that all newly-married couples wait at least seven years before having their first child.


Obviously, if this plan is embraced, it will greatly reduce this country's population. Also, by waiting seven years before a couple has their first child, couples will have more time to get to know each other, have more experience at adulthood, and be in better financial shape to support the child all the way through college.

If a divorce occurs before the seventh year of marriage (a time when many divorces do, unfortunately, occur), than an unborn child is spared from the hardship of a broken home. Obviously seven years doesn't fit into a five-year marriage contract (please see Social Change by 2049) but as short-term marriage contracts are accepted, it will be primarily people in their second marriage contract to the same person that will opt to have and raise children. Couples who marry in their later years will be exempt from this pledge. 


Planning when and how many children married couples have will be a top priority this century. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani


Prediction No. 64: Improvements in population education will be key to mitigating the horrors of overpopulation in the 21st Century. Look for significant advancements in this arena in the early 21st Century.


Today we talk about preventing glaciers from melting, we stress over greenhouse gases, and we promote the electric car but the goal of a safe environment will NEVER be reached if the population doubles one more time. And to get the message out that we must universally embrace population control, the U.S., the U.N. and international organizations will send messages via the internet, satellite TV, radio, leaflets, local seminars, etc. in hundreds of languages throughout the world in the 2020s and beyond. These messages will promote a myriad of ideas to limit population growth. If these messages reach a younger and unjaded population in Egypt, Brazil and Indonesia who have the most to gain by a more stable planet, we can make progress.


“True of false? If we have a population density of over 300 per square mile and the average family has 3.5 children, that’s a bad thing.” Population education is a must if we want to limit suffering in the first half of this century. 

Unfortunately, the roadblocks of culture, religion, inept governments, shyness, stupidity, lack of money, lack of translators, and a half dozen other problems will limit our success in lowering the population prior to defusing The Populating Bomb through cryonics. Thus, unfortunately, these roadblocks will lead to millions dying agonizing deaths.