Sex in the 21st Century

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 5


Warning: This chapter contains information about sex. So if you're shy, please read the following words with your eyes closed.

Major Prediction No. 2: As previewed in Chapter One, by the year 2050, Americans will make love more often to robots than to real people. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this "social change" will be of Grand-Canyon proportions.

Sex certainly plays a crucial role in almost everyone's life. Even if you're not involved in a relationship, you probably miss sex. But by the middle of this century, sex for even the most brutally ugly person who may resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon will be readily available without complaint from their robot companion.

Please read on:



These robots will be called Lovebots and the manufacture of these machines will become a major industry by 2050. The Marilyn Monroe and Arnold models will be best sellers. And this Second Sexual Revolution will be viewed by many experts as among the most significant social change of the 21st Century.


Once robot designers can "duplicate" humans in terms of looks, warmth and texture, many people will prefer the anonymity and the baggageless encounters that come with sex with a machine. And these machines will be extremely popular among those "who can't get any" or women who are tired of selfish lovers. 

Is she real or is she a Lovebot? By 2040, when Lovebots look and feel exactly like humans, many people will opt for commitless relationships with these machines. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

The female Lovebot models for men can come with huge pillow-soft breasts, a vise-grip-like vagina, and be programmed to say all the right things. User: "Where have you been all my life?" Lovebot: "In your closet. By the way, you're very handsome."

Male Lovebots for women will come with lots of muscles and a sex organ of various shapes and sizes -- essentially a vibrator with a robot body attachment. The advantage Lovebots have over the real thing -- men -- is that they can be programmed to be unselfish and to obey any requests made by the user. 

Imagine a man putting a woman's pleasure first? It didn't happen in the 20th Century but it will happen frequently when male Lovebots are programmed to please. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

Some people will become so attached to their Lovebots that they will give them names such as Cookie or Bunny for the female models or Rock or Gilbert for the male models.

As this industry grows, people will be able to order celebrity-look-a-like Lovebots. Imagine you're a guy and you're deeply in love with Katy Perry but dating famous singers isn't in your repertoire. Then do the next best thing: order a Lovebot that looks exactly like Katy. 

If you're a woman who thinks Justin Bieber is wonderful, then why not order the celebrity look-a-like lovebot? This robot will say all the right things like: Justin: "You're the only girl for me." You: "giggle, giggle."

You'll also be able to order Lovebot models that resemble friends or former lovers. Say you have a crush on your friend but you're too shy to admit it. Just quietly go home and celebrate the moment with a robot that looks exactly like your friend. Nothing gained, nothing lost.


Prediction No. 23: There will be serious moral and social consequences for our society as people interact less with each other because of the Lovebot phenomenon.

Of course making love to robots is inhuman. And the moral dilemma of a society that shuns human contact cannot be ignored. Certainly there will be severe negative psychological effects among a large percentage of our future population because of the lack of human contact. Again, I’m the messenger. I’m not advocating this but it will happen. The 2050s and beyond will be "rocked" by the Lovebot invasion.


But the good thing about Lovebots is that it will create jealousy. When men and women have to compete against machines, they will try harder to be better listeners and lovers. Eventually, by 2050 and beyond, there will be movements among people to pledge to make love only to humans. 

"You miserable bastard! I'm going home to my Lovebot!" By 2050, if boyfriends want to keep their girlfriends, they're going to have to be more considerate. Lovebots will present significant competition to selfish lovers of both sexes. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani



Prediction No. 24: Multi-dimensional sex will become quite popular within the next dozen years.

Before the age of the Lovebot arrives, the most significant change in sex will be "Multi-Dimensional Sex." By 2025, instead watching an adult film on a flat screen, the viewer will be able to watch the action from all around him or her through holographic images. As this technology improves with each "upgrade", viewers will be able to substitute computerized versions of their favorite male or female Hollywood stars and "direct" their performances. Some viewers will substitute computerized images of their friends and secret loves in these multi-dimensionals.


Multi-Dimensional Sex will also be quite popular among women - many of whom will avoid the Triple X stories for soft porn or a Multi-Dimensional version of a romance novel. By 2030, a female user can substitute a computerized version of herself and a computerized version of their favorite singer in the latest best-selling romantic novel: "The Younger Man." It's the story of the viewer with a no-good rat for a husband. But suddenly, she slips into something more comfortable (faded jeans and a T-shirt) and BANG, she’s no longer alone.

Multi-Dimensional Sex will become quite popular in the 2030s and beyond. Holographic technology combined with America’s insatiable lust will make this a multi-billion dollar industry. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani



The Decriminalization of the Female Breast

Prediction No. 25: Attitudes about the female breast will change dramatically this century.


Sometime in the early 21st Century, as our society takes a more relaxed view of nudity, most laws restricting the view of the female breast will be struck down. Consequently, wherever we see bikinis today, we'll see one-pieces tomorrow. By 2025, magazines will routinely show advertisements with topless models, sitcoms and crime shows will routinely show topless actresses and female fans will sit in the shirts-optional section of football games (but not in Chicago in the winter). In time, the female breast will be accepted. Anyway, you know what they say: "If you've seen one, you've seen them both."

By 2025, the lawn in front of the student union may feature many lounging and topless coeds. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani


"I just accepted them as a great accessory to every outfit. Who needs a necklace when you have these?" Jennifer Love Hewitt on her ample breasts - Playboy, December 1998.

Prediction No. 26: By 2030, many women will have "inflatable breasts" inserted in their chest. A remote control device will inflate their breasts to the desired size for the appropriate occasion.


With inflatable breasts, a date may "suggest" a 38-DD setting. A crummy day at the office or a comfortable night's sleep may warrant a 32-A setting. Feminists will scream about this extremely sexist prediction but many women will go for this “advancement”.


Prediction No. 27: Gynecologists, by 2040, will work magic on the clitoris. Many women will have their clitoris enlarged, or have electronic pleasure sensors inserted.


Throughout the early 21st Century, there will be a serious movement among many women to seek sexual equality with men in terms of enjoying their sexuality without guilt. Improving the sensitivity of the clitoris will play a key role in achieving this movement's goals.


You Can Do What?! With My What?!

Prediction No. 28: Scientists will clone longer and thicker penises by 2045.

Penis length has always been man's greatest concern (World Peace is 2nd). But biotechnology will solve the length problem by 2045 when lab techs clone a longer version of your penis. Then your friendly microsurgeon will remove your "old" penis (with anesthesia and painless laser surgery) and then attach the newer version. One quick operation and you can go from 5 inches to 8 inches (and with all the nerves fully functioning to give you the feeling you desire).


And men can't be too unappreciative of this: about the year 2035, tiny computers the size of pinheads will be inserted into the penis to send signals to the brain to increase sexual pleasure.

Also by 2025, technicians will be able to implant rows of plastic "bumps" in your penis -- which will make your organ resemble a Medieval weapon. The purpose, of course, is to increase pleasure for your partner. In fact, it won't be uncommon in that day of sexual equality for the woman to suggest and even pay for this operation.

Consequently, with more equipment to work with, men will also need greater stamina. Viagra is just the first step in a long line of drugs. Eventually pills (possibly with names such as Viagra7) will allow men to make love 10 times a night (this may not be good news for some women). Gay couples will also enjoy many of these benefits.


Major Prediction No. 7: The Second Sexual Revolution will explode in the early 21st Century.

As birth control becomes as simple as a small patch or long-term pill and all sexual-related diseases including AIDS are solved, sex will become less dangerous. Add Lovebots and "enhancements" to the clitoris and penis and couple this with a society that constantly promotes self-gratification and this revolution can't be stopped.


Of course, the repercussions of our fall from grace could have serious adverse effects on our society -- please recall The Fall of the Rome.


Silvia and Jonathan had recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on June 1, 2050. Silvia traveled a lot, primarily to Europe, while overseeing her international import-export business. While the couple was happily married, they readily agreed that when they were apart they could "see a Lovebot or two." This was not being unfaithful because, as Jonathan put it, "We're just banging computer chips."

While on the road, Silvia enjoyed staying in 5-star hotels because they had the best food, the best massage robots and the widest selection of Lovebots to choose from. On one recent trip, Silvia felt "Italian." First she ordered spaghetti and wine. After a massage by a tireless robot, her Lovebot of apparent Italian ancestry arrived. No words were spoken as the machine with the strength of steel swept her off her feet and carried her to bed.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was enjoying a peaceful night at home. He had just finished viewing a multi-dimensional science-fiction movie and was startled when a hologram of a dragon flew right through him. Now it was time for Phoebe, his favorite Lovebot. Upon a verbal command, the closet doors opened and Phoebe, wearing a thin, see-through purple negligee, walked out of her storage facility. The Lovebot smiled and stretched out her hands to grab Jonathan's hands. The machine instinctively led him to bed.

Later that night, Silvia and Jonathan communicated via hologram phone (her multi-dimensional image appeared in the couple's home while Jonathan's image appeared before Silvia in her European hotel room). Their short chat made them feel close. Neither one mentioned their Lovebot encounter - it simply wasn't necessary.

*   *   *

Analysis: Are we headed in the wrong direction? Are the impending changes of our sexuality healthy or deadly? America grew from a Puritan society that distained sex and put a big letter “A” on adulteresses. The pendulum in attitudes swung the other direction in the Roaring Twenties and the Free Love Sixties with the conservative Fifties coming in between. Of course, this is far too simplistic a view of America.  But I would say this: Change is coming. It’s best to realize this and plan for the best way to deal with this kind of immorality. Perhaps an answer is in the chapter titled “The Christian Reformation”.

But what I’m concerned about, as a messenger and not an advocate of this grand pursuit of pleasure, is that this can destroy our society. It can obliterate the family unit – the base unit of our country. This is exactly what happened to the Roman Empire.