The Last Abortion

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What If We Plan Our Future?

Chapter 19

 The Last Abortion

More than 40 million innocent, tiny human beings are aborted every year throughout the world, according to the Guttsmacher Institute, a U.S. based non-profit that specializes in reproductive health.

Fortunately, all this will drastically change within the next 10 to 20 years.


Major Prediction No. 17: Advancements in medical technology will allow fetuses to be removed from the womb and frozen to await adoption hundreds to thousands of years from now. This advancement will raise our level of civilization.

Fortunately, future generations of these helpless babies will be saved in the 2020s and beyond, thanks to advancements in medical science and cryonics.

Abortion Will Become Extinct by 2030.
This medical technology does not exist today but it will soon. The procedure may include one device that locates the fetus in the womb. A small, laser incision near the fetus will be made. Another medical device will enter the womb through the incision and clasp the fetus and freeze it. After removal, the fetus will then be placed in a cryonic chamber – perhaps with 100s of other fetuses -- where it may wait 500 years or more to enter our world and play. Of course, the alternative for this baby of being discarded as medical waste is extremely distressing.

This procedure must be done early in the pregnancy as cryonics could damage the internal organs of a fully formed fetus.

Perhaps 50 to 80 years from now, technology will allow artificial wombs to take a fetus to full term.

The technology for this advancement will be extremely complicated but please consider this analogy: The Wright Brothers’ first plane flew in 1903. The space shuttle’s inaugural flight took off in 1981 – that’s 78 years. The technology to create artificial wombs that can sustain a growing fetus will come within 78 years.

For this plan to succeed, it’s essential to get the 40 million down to something a lot more manageable. This will be done through improved birth control and distribution methods. By 2025, the key birth control advancement may include the “Off Pill” which will render a woman infertile until she takes an “On Pill.” If we are successful here, eventually, the number of unplanned pregnancies will drop to a few million or a few hundred thousand. Once we significantly lower this ugly 40 million number, perhaps by 2030, we can freeze these remaining fetuses instead of killing them.

A world without abortions is a more civilized world. The last abortion will take place around 2030.

It should be noted that abortions are used as a tool to kill female fetuses by the millions in China. Certainly the organized murder of female fetuses is a crime of the gravest proportions. The future logistics of freezing millions more Chinese-female fetuses than male babies will be difficult but these girls/women will have much to be thankful for 100s to 1,000s of years from now.


It was a very quiet morning in October, 2030 when Nicole looked down on the plastic strip that showed a surprisingly bright blue. She had never seen a bluer blue. She took a deep breath. She loved her boyfriend Patrick but knew if he had a choice between changing diapers or playing multi-dimensional video games, he would choose gaming. Nicole quietly admitted that, at 16, she was not ready for the responsibilities of motherhood.

The next day, Nicole visited the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Alternative Center located near the 30-story Mother Teresa Skyscraper Green House. The people at the front desk were very friendly and this helped Nicole to relax. She readily sensed that the workers were happy in their work.

Nicole changed into a plain white hospital gown and was taken to a small room with several pieces of large, “alien looking” medical equipment. Dr. Jason and Dr. Emily, both with warm smiles, entered the room. No last names were used because that would seem too formal. 

Nicole rested on a comfortable cushion in the center of the room. The first procedure involved a machine that resembled a dental drill that quickly located the very tiny fetus.

Dr. Emily spread a spread warm cream over the area near the fetus that neutralized the nerves. A second machine, a laser, cut a small and painless incision in Nicole’s abdomen near the fetus. A third procedure led to a small device entering Nicole’s womb, clasping the fetus and then freezing it. Upon removal, the small life form was placed in a tiny cryonic chamber for preservation.

Nicole asked that she be allowed to leave a letter and a picture of herself with the fetus. This had become a custom by 2030 and Dr. Jason and Dr. Emily readily agreed.

Nicole’s letter started out: “My Dear Baby, my name is Nicole and I am your mother. I love you very much and think about you every day. I hope you have a wonderful life with your new family…”

Theebia was placed in an artificial womb in 2296. Nine months later she was adopted by a loving couple – Audrey and Cary. On a warm summer day in 2307, she read Nicole’s note for the first time and lovingly gazed at the picture of her mother. 

She kept the letter and the picture in a locket that hung around her neck and reread Nicole’s letter often. While Theebia often wondered what her mother and father were like, she enjoyed her life with her adopted family and was extremely grateful that her biological parents did not kill her.

Would Our Society Be Significantly More Civilized If We Did Not Kill 40 Million Fetuses A Year?
In 2307, Theebia read the letter her mother Nicole left her. "Thank you, Mommy," the 11-year-old whispered to herself. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

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