War Prevention

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What If We Plan Our Future?
 Chapter 17


Democracy is your birthright!

Your dictator is a mass murderer and a nation kidnapper!

Allah created all souls so to kill for your religion is blasphemy.

Children die during war!

Major Prediction No. 15: The last war will be fought prior to 2070. Advanced War Prevention techniques will see to that.


It was a surprisingly warm morning on December 7th, 2091 as the 30 members of The Belmont Summer Camp planted American flags in front of each gravesite in the Memorial Cemetery. It had been over 20 years since the world had experienced war. The perfection of War Prevention strategies ensured peace throughout the world.  Melissa, the counselor, watched her youngsters eagerly plant a flag at the base of a soldier’s grave and then race to the next grave. It was a challenge to see which boy or girl would plant the most flags. Melissa took a deep breath and thought to herself: 'These kids are lucky. Thank God for War Prevention.'


Prediction No. 77: Satellite communications and social networking will play stronger roles in the 2020s and beyond in bringing the world closer together. Thanks to computers that will immediately translate any language into the receiver’s language, an activist in San Francisco can send a message in English to a freedom fighter in Iran who will hear it in Farsi.


By 2025, satellite TV. international radio, the Internet (including Facebook) and drones dropping leaflets will bombard war-torn areas with messages of peace 24x7. These messages, beamed to the people in their language, will be targeted to the youth of the region as they have the most to gain by working for a better future. To entice these youngsters, the hottest music (acceptable to their culture) will be played between messages that killing is evil, that their God has created all people, that Democracy breeds a more stable society, and that wasteful military spending takes money away from essential programs such as education and economic reform. 

Satellite-beamed messages of peace in the 2020s and beyond will convince younger generations to embrace peace over war.

We witnessed the first steps of 21st Century War Prevention as Egyptian pro-democracy forces communicated through Facebook to organize protests in Cairo’s Liberty Square. Further pro-democracy movements in the Middle East have also been enhanced through the power of the Internet. However, because religious tensions were not addressed, instability through much of the Middle East will continue. 

“Wow! What an ego! You actually changed your Facebook status from 'In a committed relationship' to 'Freedom fighter'?" Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani



Sadly, over 100 million people died as a result of war in the 20th Century, making that century the bloodiest in human history. And recent history shows that we haven’t learned much. Bloodshed is plentiful in the Middle East and Africa, and conflicts brew in much of Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, NO world leaders seem to have a clear understanding of the concepts of War Prevention.  Instead, these leaders REACT to war and they do very little to PREVENT war. Because of the deadly consequences of conventional wars using modern technology, governments and international organizations can no longer ignore what happens between nations and within nations.

We must also realize that nuclear proliferation may advance as slowly as a glacier but it IS spreading. Consequently, we must push for the adoption of War Prevention theories - hopefully within the next 20 years.



Let’s start with a specific example: The long-term crisis in Somalia can be mitigated if we communicate with the Muslim youth in that country. We must tell them that Allah created all souls and that it’s blasphemy to mistreat non-Muslims to the point of starvation. True Muslims must preach the words of Allah instead of killing those who have never heard the words of Allah. But the youth of that country only hear messages of hate from a militia that is interested in self-preservation at the expense of 100s of thousands of African tribespeople. 

Today, throughout The Democratic Republic of the Congo, many different African tribes war against each other -- often in vain efforts to take control of the government so they can hit the jackpot (have access to the national treasury). Unfortunately, over 5 million have been killed and 100s of thousands of women have been raped in on-going conflicts since World War II. But what if messages of peace were beamed into that country 24x7 in the more than 200 languages of that region? What if these messages call for cooperation among the multitude of ethnic groups, advocating human rights, promoting literacy and adopting economic policies that would sustain growth? 

Soon drones will drop freedom fliers to people suffering under repressive regimes. Democracy is a Human Right that has been denied to too many people for far too long. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

Today, a true gangster is in charge of Zimbabwe. This regime is guilty of killing or imprisoning many political opponents. Sadly, democracy movements and journalists are targeted by the regime with many activists and journalists jailed, beaten or killed. However, messages can be sent to Zimbabwe via radio calling for a revolution to overthrow this dictatorship and end a mass murder in progress. Unfortunately, peaceful change in countries ruled by bloodthirsty dictatorships is rare. A revolution in Zimbabwe may be the only way to go.


When people are getting only messages of hate from their own governments, then we must counter these messages or risk the loss of many innocent lives. We being the United Nations, the United States, the Vatican, NATO, the European Union – essentially any large entity willing to act to bring an end to an on-going war or resolve a conflict before it erupts into war. Eventually, we can hope that organizations like the African Union or a union of Latin American nations, or China may become influential enough and righteous enough to lead War Prevention efforts. 

“This is Radio-Free Venezuela urging our people to embrace freedom!” Messages in Spanish will be sent to oppressed nations such as Venezuela and Cuba urging people to adopt democracy, human rights and freedom.  Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

The first step to ensure successful War Prevention involves recording and analyzing all the details of the region in conflict including:

•             The cultures of the people involved

•             The religions of the area

•             The economy of the region

•             The history

•             The geography

•             The motivation of the leaders

•             How propaganda is distributed

•             And every facet of the dispute in that region

The United States Government should be tracking all on-going wars and monitoring the above criteria while working with the United Nations and other international entities to bring a halt to every mass murder on this planet. The CIA currently collects this information but too often our government does not offer tangible solutions, let alone take appropriate War Prevention actions in offering a diplomatic solution.

Clearly we failed at War Prevention in Afghanistan by spending more than a decade there without understanding that culture and local situation. Most of the people of Afghanistan cannot read, don’t understand the concept of democracy, and do not want to abandon their theocracy. We should have learned valuable lessons from the Korean and Vietnam wars; specifically: illiterate and nationalistic populations do not care about democracy and will view outsiders as occupiers. War Prevention ideals were clearly misunderstood in the Afghan war. So what should we have done?


Unfortunately, in most cases, diplomacy will fail. This will happen because most dictators and military regimes do not want compromise - which interferes with their plans for increasing power by attacking their neighbors or disappearing their political opponents.

Upon diplomacy's failure, it will be up to our world's leaders and international organizations to take innovative steps to convince the people of warring nations to accept peace through a bombardment of broadcasts directly to the people in their language.

Certainly there are international ideals that can be broadcast that should be accepted by all. Peace is one of these ideals. Equality for all should be another. And Democracy and Human Rights should be other ideals that we should have no trouble broadcasting (although many dictators will be frustrated by these messages).

By 2025, drones will drop leaflets in war-torn areas and hotspots calling for peace. Messages directed to literate citizens will include details of their dictator's atrocities while other leaflets will proclaim the sanctity of human life. Some leaflets will have money attached to encourage citizens to pick them up.

Again, the only effective way to get anti-war messages across is to communicate directly to the people involved in the conflict in their language by radio, by television, by the Internet, or by leaflets. Yes, this is propaganda. But when people are getting one-sided messages by their own governments promoting war and oppression, then we must counter these messages or, if we do nothing, risk a greater loss of innocent lives in the long run.

Of course, these "gangster" governments will do everything possible to jam our TV, radio and internet signals and shoot down our drones. Simply: This fight for peace will be like a chess game. For every positive move we make to promote peace, freedom and human rights, a dictator or military regime may take counter actions that will lead to loss of life. What is the price of freedom? Consequently, we will have to consider the potential reactions and consequences particularly if the oppressive regime holds nuclear weapons. So what to do?...



Prediction No 78: Technology WILL solve the jamming problem by 2025 and messages of peace will transcend all borders.


Technology of the 2020s and beyond will conquer the jamming problem. In simplest terms: broadcasting messages include a sending device and a receiving device. Future technologies will allow both devices to work together to ensure the signal comes through. The receiving device may be as simple as a tiny receiver on a ring with the capability of searching for a clear signal. The far-more-sophisticated sending device will transmit the signal in a myriad of frequencies to give receiving devices a better chance to receive. The signals will get through, movements will start, and one corrupt government will fall after another.

In time, these tiny devices will flash multi-dimenstionals of the speaker expressing the benefits of human rights, democracy and freedom. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani

Miniaturization will make these machines very small. Thus it will be easier to smuggle these devices into China, North Korea, Somalia, etc. We have to act as if this is a war and use guerilla tactics to win.

What this means is that by 2030, any Audrey or Dexter working on their computer in their bedroom in Los Angeles to Boston can send messages to 100s of millions of Chinese citizens calling for democracy. The messages can be sent in English and a computer will convert them to Mandarin or Cantonese. Organizers of pro-democracy movements in China can then forward these Facebook, You-Tube, Tweets or in any 2030s communications to others within China without interference by the Chinese Government. Massive protest movements rivaling Tiananmen Square will follow. Imagine the possibilities.



Prediction No. 79: Religion, as an impetus for war, will be effectively countered by sound War Prevention strategies by 2030.

You can look back to the Crusades and then to today's conflicts between the Arab World and the West.  But there should be no excuse for a religious war today -- not with the great advancements in modern communications. Through television (especially with the advent of satellite technology), radio, the international media, the Internet and social media, we are now in the best position possible to counter religious hatred with a bold challenge: "Instead of killing those who do not believe in your religion, set a good example and convert them." 


Most religions practiced in their purest form preach love and peace. But some religious leaders have twisted their religions to call for Holy Wars and the annihilation of those unlike them. Specifically, there are laws in some Middle Eastern nations that forbid people to leave the Muslim religion or practice a religion other than Islam. We need to appeal to the young people of that region that Allah created all souls and to murder one of Allah's creations is blasphemy.

Certainly there are tens of thousands of disillusioned youth in every country who are looking for "direction." To call for religious groups to act in a pure and respectful fashion while seeking converts will go a LONG, LONG WAY to Preventing War and making this planet a far better place to live.

Unfortunately, urging people to promote their religion will lead to conflicts. But eventually our world society should reach a point were killing for religious reasons will be seen as cavemanish and an act of blasphemy. Expect some real progress within the next 15 years.


As detailed in Prediction No. 3 in the “Robots to the Rescue Chapter”: All water problems will be solved by 2030 thanks  to robotic water filters that will locate, filter and transfer water back to the village. Advanced desalination techniques will also minimize water disputes.

Scholars are rightfully concerned that disputes over water rights will be among the primary causes of war in the Middle East and Africa in the early 21st Century. Today, over a billion people throughout the world lack access to clean water. And the World Bank predicts that this number will double within a couple of decades. 


Aside from the obvious frustrations of people who must spend hours each day procuring fresh water, inadequate water supplies inhibit economic development and pose serious health problems.

Limited resources, including water, are a trigger for war as starving or thirsty people WILL fight to survive. Through the ideas offered in this book, we can feed everyone and provide clean water for all. Hence, the reasons for war will be limited later this century.

Robotic water filters will sniff out mud puddles, swamps, rivers, lakes and oceans, then filter the water while storing it in its body and hauling it back to a local town or city. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani



Prediction No. 80: By 2099, Earth will be a nuclear–free zone.

Many citizens throughout the world are justifiably afraid that nuclear proliferation could lead to Armageddon. Unfortunately, we will witness more nuclear proliferation before we enjoy the decline of this terrible weapon. Many Third World dictators and military regimes want this weapon primarily for defensive purposes. North Korea is no longer afraid of a U.S.-led invasion after it developed nukes and Iran’s motives are partially propelled by the fact that the U.S. has had a presence on both sides of Iran. Certainly many dictators salivate for this weapon. And al-Qaeda and ISIS would love to grab a nuke. Obviously, we will face more dangers before we reach a world so civilized that all nuclear weapons will be dismantled. 

Millions will parade in cities throughout the world in the 2030s and beyond demanding total nuclear disarmament.

Since we now control our future, here’s what we will do: A world-wide, anti-nuke movement reaching tens of millions will form in the 2020s. Mass and frequent protests will be necessary to secure total disarmament.


But there are goals that must be accomplished before nuclear disarmament. We must eliminate the reasons why nations want nukes. Often nations are afraid of their neighbors and nukes eliminate that fear. Consequently, War Prevention strategies – detailed in this chapter - must be so successful that no nation desires to use war as a tool to gain territory or resources. Hence, the need for nuclear weapons will dissipate - easier said than done but we must aggressively promote anti-nukism. 

We must also solve the overpopulation problem. Too many people in too small of an area fuels war and the desire to acquire nukes as frustrated people turn to desperate solutions. Hopefully, defusing the Population Bomb will be accomplished through better birth control and cryonics.

If we achieve these goals, we can start a movement to defuse all nuclear weapons. Yes, it will be like a Mexican standoff. “I’ll drop my gun if everyone else drops theirs!” But we’re looking at a half century of time of War Prevention before we completely denuke. That’s a lot of time.

“Drop that nuke you low-down dirty varmint!” Yes, there will be a lot of mistrust before nuclear weapons will be banned. But in time, War Prevention measures and world-wide, anti-nuke movements will create a world free of nuclear weapons by 2099. Artwork by Alessandra Andrisani



Prediction No. 81: Arms sales will decline dramatically in the 2030s if War Prevention strategies result in fewer wars.

It's hard to imagine how an arms dealer can sell the deadliest conventional arms to war-happy dictators or mercenaries and not feel any guilt. But a lack of conscience seems to be at the top of a weapon seller’s resume. 


It is important to curtail this trade because conventional weapons technology is always improving. And as long as military weapons are sold and traded like fresh fruit, this world will have great difficulty Preventing War.

However, before we can ask other nations and independent arms dealers to stop selling weapons, our nation must first limit its arms sales. The United States Government sells more conventional weaponry to Third World governments than any other nation. Specifically, we sell over $32 billion worth of arms each year, according to 2008 Defense Department statistics. That’s 32 billion dollars! So how can we hope to stem the tide of military sales throughout the world and mitigate war if we are the world's greatest offender of the peace?

The U.S. Government has good reasons to sell arms to some nations. But all too often, we sell to dictatorships who are our enemies’ enemies. And all too often these weapons are used against innocent people.

As for independent arms dealers, these are mass murderers and should be treated as war criminals. Our government or the United Nations must investigate and pursue criminal charges against these human scum in The International Criminal Court in The Hague.

We need to chase arms dealers out of nations that allow them to operate comfortably. We need to track and apprehend these truly evil assassins. It must be made against international law to sell and transport arms to war zones and impoverished nations ruled by dictators and military regimes.

And it should not be forgotten that the primary reason why this world is in such poor economic shape is that dictators and Third World governments waste so much of their wealth on purchasing conventional weapons and paying for armies that add NO significant value to the social or economic standing of that nation. Simply: the money is squandered and lives are lost by this trade.


Prediction No. 82: By 2025, modern technology will make it impossible for the Bin Ladens, Saddams and Gaddafis to hide for long periods of time.


Conventional and nuclear wars have the capability of killing millions this century. So, it will be extremely helpful to have the ability to quickly locate terrorists and dictators who are willing to use nuclear, chemical, biological, or sophisticated conventional weapons. This will be done with the help of robots. As robotics takes off, the ultimate devices will include extremely tiny, flying robots the size of a thumb nail that will transmit pictures back to home base (the Pentagon's basement or deep within an aircraft carrier). The government is currently working on spy robots and with thousands of these tiny robots, coupled with facial recognition technology, there will be no place for mass murderers like Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein to hide. 

Guess which one is the spy robot? Rocks that move when no one is looking and tiny mechanical insects will play a key surveillance role in the 21st Century by tracking terrorists and dictators in the 2020s and beyond. 


                                          WON'T ALWAYS WORK

Revolution = violence. Peaceful change can come within a country, as we witnessed in India under Gandhi.  Sadly, however, most dictatorships, already with much blood on their hands, will not give up power without a fight. Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jung-un, Saddam, and Gaddafi saw freedom fighters as traitors worthy of the death penalty (preceded by insidious torture). But if we allow these mass murderers and nation kidnappers to remain in power, much blood will be shed.

We fought for freedom in 1776 and look at how much better off the United States is because we chose to fight for freedom. Considering that more than 4 million North Koreans have died due to starvation and political assassination, a revolt against that family of gangsters should have occurred decades ago.

*  *  *

Analysis: As political theorist Edmund Burke once said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women) do nothing.” We should be angry that evil exists and do everything in our power to stamp it out.

War is like the plague. And diseases need to be eradicated. If dictators and military regimes are left alone, much killing will follow and more evil men will rise to power. This plague will spread! But if it becomes dangerous for a general or potential dictator to steal a nation, there will be far less attempts to kidnap nations. Slowly, the sophisticated use of War Prevention theories will end most regional conflicts by 2040. In time, the world community just won’t tolerate a Saddam, or a Kim Jung Ill, or a Gaddafi. 

We must also consider the following: My prediction that war will become extinct after 2070 won’t come true if the Population Bomb is not defused. Poor people without food, clean water and a benevolent government will have reasons to fight.